31 May 2020

Objection to admissibility of electronic evidence without compliance of sec.65B can be raised in appeal even if not raised in the trial

Whats is the difference between objection to admissibility of document and objection to mode of proof?

What are its consequences?

If electronic evidence is admitted and exhibited in evidence then its admissibility can be raised in appeal even if it is not objected in the trial.

30 May 2020

Agreement by wife for relinquishment of her right to claim maintenance is not enforceable even if voluntarily entered by her

Divorce by mutual consent - Wife agreed not to claim any maintenance including Streedhan, husband assured to continued marrital relationship and maintain her- Husband and wife continued their marrital relationship inspite of paper decree of divorce - After some years husband discontinued this relationship and not made any arrangement for maintenance of wife who has been divorced by him - Wife claimed maintenance u/s.125 of CrPC - Husband's defence that she had given up her claim for maintenance, when the decree for divorce by mutual consent was passed; and she has income source as she is running a beauty parlour.


   A woman after divorce becomes destitute. If she cannot maintain herself and remains unmarried, the man who was once her husband continues to be under a duty and obligation to provide maintenance to her.[Para No.20]

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